Our Green Wine Vineyards

We Believe in Green

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Everything we do at White Oak Vineyards is based on a love of the land and a desire to take care of what nature gives us.  That’s why we use as little fertilizer and chemical applications as possible to obtain the best yields and most intense flavor in the grapes. Though our grapes are not classified as organic, our blackberries and raspberries are, as we want you to experience the fruit with no other elements other than water, sunlight, and careful handling.

This “love of green” is also why we built our new facility using the latest technology for heating and cooling, including an underground system for capturing chilled water during the winter and storing it for use in the warm months. And why our tasting room and production facility are engineered using state of the art Mitsubishi air handling systems that lower costs and reduce the overall energy footprint.

Not much goes to waste at our winery.  After pressing the grapes we compost the seeds and skins to use as mulch and to fertilize our other plants at the farm. (Once or twice the neighborhood cows got a taste, but they liked it too much, or so we were told.)

We are always striving to learn of new techniques and methods of preserving the beautiful land in Alabama.  We think responsible farmers everywhere share this notion.

Come and visit soon.