Our Wines


Sparkling Muscadine

The only one in Alabama.  If you like lots of tiny bubbles, that marvelous taste of the South, and a semi-sweet finish, you will love this one.

Southern Gold

Semi-sweet bronze fruit blended for the unique taste of the South


Semi-sweet ruby red wine made from a rich blend of several varieties


A light and fruity pink muscadine

Fruit Wines


One of our most popular wines reflecting the rich, pure taste of ripe fruit


The most delicious blackberry anywhere!

Peach Passion

Elegant semi dry chardonnay wine with natural peach flavors

Dry Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Alabama grown!

Crisp and fruity with a silky finish.  We love this wine!

Petite Syrah

A smooth yet spicy red destined to be a favorite for fans of this world class varietal.